2 dirty talking women for you

dirty talking women

When you have two whores that are dirty talking women you know you are in trouble. Incest trouble. I have been a hooker since before I popped out my brats! Now I ended up pregnant with my son and My daughter Daisy with men who I had no clue even who they really were. But I still had no choice but to prostitute my pussy and ass to support my offspring and a slight coke habit back them. I was always in the BDSM world with men who called me slave and helped fund my habit, probably why I took to the streets! Now that my daughter is legal she can take to the phones and provide dirty phone talk with me! 


She can help reenact all the agevplay shit we have done through the years and how we service men together even still. 


Incest sex between a mommy and daughter is so hot! I love making my daughter suck dick and fuck in real life and on the phone. The best thing is I get to taste her cum filled pussy every day! Well cum filled just about every day! She’s my naughty slut and i enjoy making her my sex slave. I had her I can make her do anything. I have a nice big rack and a hairy milf pussy and she has full young perky tits and a smooth little cunt. 

No matter how you play we are down to have a naughty mommy and daughter threesome with your dick. We do sissy calls, age play fantasies and mommy forcing her daughter. 

This month has been huge for impregnation calls since I have started monitoring her cycle and am trying to be a grandmother very soon. 

Cum and enjoy incest and kinky phone sex with us! dirty phone talk

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