2 Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women Mommy usually writes these blogs but tonight is my turn to tell you about mommy and me being Dirty Talking Women. Mommy is always saying what a good cunt licker I am and what a good little whore I am for taking cock in my three fuck holes as well as I do. But really mommy taught me everything I know I am just a reflection of her. The very first dick I remember having I was an itty bitty thing only knee high. My mommy came home with some guy she met earlier that night. He had some weed and mommy and he let me suck on what mommy called the supreme glass dick. That was my first time doing weed. I also had my first sips of beer that night. I remember feeling all funny and wired and when I turned around mommy and the guy was making out on the couch. I was watching him and mommy and her hand was around his dick. I had no idea at the time what she was doing. I walked over to them curious on what they were doing and mommy picked me up and sat me on his lap. She was holding me in place by my hips and he was grinding up on my little girl panties. I remember thinking his dick felt so funny against me. My mommy slid down my panties and I was a little nervous but mommy calmed me down saying all good little girls need to know how to fuck. Mommy told me to spread open my legs open as wide as I could and I did. Mommy took her fingers and spread open my little cunny lips. I felt the air hit the inside of my cunny and that was the first time I ever felt that. The man gasped and was stroking his dick as he was looking at the inside of my little itty bitty cunny. He took his big hand and was rubbing it against my cunny. It felt so good I started to moan in my little girl way. And then without warning, he stuck his big man finger in my little cunny making me bleed. I screamed and jerked and mommy pushed me back down on his finger also giving me a slap on my face for misbehaving. I wanted to please mommy so badly and make her proud. When mommy laid me down on the bed and guided that big cock into my little cunny I didn’t squirm as mommy pushed me down on his cock. He started to pump deep in me and I was loving the way he was starting to make my little cunny feel. My cunny clamped down on his dick and he exploded all inside of me. Mommy was so proud of me she wiped away my tears with her tongue. The night did not stop there but that is when I can remember me being mommies good little whore all started from. This was the beginning of my Dirty phone talk.

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