Cassandra and I are very dirty talking women

dirty talking womenCassandra and I are very dirty talking women so when we go out together we tend to get a lot of attention. We were just out having a few drinks the other night and some men overheard our conversation so they came over to talk to us. We were just talking about the amazing threesome we had had the night before and I guess that got those men thinking about what it would be like to fuck us. We were drunk enough to take home a couple of random strangers so we went back to my place and put on a little show for them. We were stripping and dancing around for them, getting more and more dirty as we went on. I was eating Cassandra’s pussy when one of the guys came over and just shoved his cock in my pussy and after that it was just a huge fuck fest! We were all fucking each other and getting off it was so much fun.We fucked all night long and we’re getting together again tonight too, I can’t wait!

dirty phone talk

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