Daddy loves dirty talking women

dirty talking womenDaddy loves dirty talking women so he got me this job so that he could hear me talking to horny men. It turns him on to know that his little girl is being a dirty little whore all day long and when he comes home from work he is all over me. He wants to know all the details of what I was talking about and how many men fucked me and then you know what he does? He fucks me the way all you tell me you would fuck me! He is so good in bed too so I love fucking him and he always teaches me something new too it’s so awesome! Yesterday he heard a guy tell me that he wanted to bend me over my bed and fuck my sweet lil pussy while he spanked my lil bootie so you know what daddy did? He started fucking me right then! He was spanking e and all and I came super hard all while my caller was listening. It was super fun too I hope we can do it again today too!

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