Daddy says dirty talking women are naughty

dirty talking womenDaddy says dirty talking women are naughty but he sure does love it when I talk dirty to him. I just don’t understand it! He will get super hard when I tell him I want to suck his dick and be his dirty little whore but he says that I should be a good girl and not say things like that. But shouldn’t I be honest with him when I want to be dirty? I mean what am I supposed to do when I get a craving for daddy’s big hard cock? Should I just not tell him I want it and just take it instead? I don’t know what to do cus the last time I got dirty with daddy he was mad about my potty mouth and he pulled me over his knee and spanked my bottom hard. Then he fucked me until I was losing my mind I came so many times. I don’t wanna be his good girl I wanna be bad!

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