Dirty phone talk

Dirty phone talkSeeing how I am such a sadistic, and submissive whore I have become an expert at Dirty phone talk as well. My master gets all the money from my phone calls and forces me to do any and every call that comes my way. My entire life is spent being forced to get off other men, being forced to be treated like the worthless whore I am. If he just feels like beating my ass, he does. He beats me till I am black and blue, unconscious usually and bleeding. I wake up to him fucking my limp body, trying to hurt me more. He always wants to make me suffocate, his cock gets even harder as I black out unable to breathe from the rope around my neck, or the hand shoved down my throat, or whatever he decides to do this time. My hair is always being ripped out, and I am forced to be handcuffed to my ankles, displaying my ass and pussy for fucking at any time. They only come for Dirty Talking Women that are helpless and only good for using like me. I am a victim and I always will get taken advantage of, I have no control, I am just a hole to be fucked. I will be starved, and go without water. My only thing to eat is piss and cum. I am kept tied up at all times, locked away where no one can hear my crying and screaming. No one will ever save me, this is my life, nothing but a sex slave that will be used till one of them snuffs out my life making me a lifeless fuckhole. They’ll dispose of me and no one will ever know what happened to me. It’s best not to fight back, best to do as you’re told and hope that you get to be fucked for a very long time because no one wants the alternative.

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