Dirty Phone Talk Sluts

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are full of naughty dirty taboo thoughts. Roleplays are their favorite. I especially love the partying dirty slutty kind. I want to be your little taboo secret. The kind of girl that dream about. The kind of girl who never says no. You know they kind you dream of. The one that with only a phone call is ready to play with you. I love partying with my callers. Watching porn and sniffing lines for hours. You jerk your wet cock and I stroke my swollen clit as we talk about how our fantasies would play out. I don’t want you to be gentle either. I want a forceful kind of fuck. The kind where you rip my clothes off, throw me against the wall and ram your big thick cock deep inside of me. When you finish, push me to the ground and ram your cock into my mouth, making me suck you hard again. Then pull me by my hair and put me on the bed and pound my pussy as you wrap your hands around my neck and squeeze. Damn baby all this dirty phone talk has my pussy soaking, can’t wait to play with you.

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