Dirty phone talk with my Priest

dirty phone talkDirty phone talk is always so much more erotic when I have it with my priest of my church. He knows about all of my sins because I talk to him about them all the time and he helps me to repent each and every day. I find it super thrilling to have such a close knit relationship with such a holy, horny man. I mean seriously, who else gets to become this close with their priest?! He doesn’t judge me at all, in fact he is actually extremely turned on by me and all of my sexual antics and adventures that I love to tell him about in detail. I think it’s so much fun to go to church and let the entire procession know just how much of a filthy slut I truly am! Most of them are shocked to see me in my slutty outfits with my pussy and ass exposed as I bend over and take my spankings from the priest. He makes sure to spank me so hard that it echos throughout the whole entire church! Blasphemy at it’s finest I guess you could say, hehe. Dirty talking women like me are truly God’s gift to Earth and I cum wrapped in a bow! This teen whore pussy is such a special present and anyone would be lucky to receive it!

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