Dirty phone talk with Paisely

dirty phone talk

I was born and raised to be a little breeder whore for my Daddy. I love to suck and ride any hard cock that comes my way! My Mommy and Daddy started training me and teaching me as soon as I could walk. They knew that I was going to be the hottest little cum dumpster breeder around! I was sucking cock while most brats were still sucking pacifiers. While the other little bitches were riding bikes, I was riding fat hard cocks! When I wasn’t getting my tiny cunnie shot full of cum, I would sit for hours and listen to Mommy’s naughty phone calls. Listening to her be a dirty phone talk slut made me want to be just like her! I listened very carefully and I learned how to talk dirty to those hard cocks that came to fuck me. I would tease them and talk dirty to them, until they couldn’t take it anymore and they had to have this young, hot pussy. Then, I would let them drain their big cum filled balls into my fertile fuck hole. I loved how rock hard it made Daddy’s cock when he heard the naughty thing I would say to his friends. It’s hot as fuck to hear a tiny little slut tell a grown man that she wants to gag on his fat fuck stick until he chokes her with his cream! I always wait until little cum rolls are sloshing out of my breeder cunnie before I let Daddy top me off with his sperm shot.

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