Dirty Stripper Stories

Dirty Talking WomenEver since I was a little tyke, I loved dancing around and taking my clothes off for men!

The power I had when I could make their cocks get so hard so fast would make my pussy drip!

So it is only natural that I would become the hottest dirty talking women at my strip club!

I can wrap my legs around that long hard pole better than any whore on the block, spinning and sliding and whipping my tight wet lips around so fast that you swear you can feel my pussy twisting the head on that cock!

And I never say no! There isn’t a cock I won’t spread my legs for and with this tight body, there is not a move I can’t do!

I love spinning on that pole and spraying all the men with my exploding pussy juices!

Just last week, I slide down this mans cock like it was a pole at the fire station…and my pussy juices could have put out any raging fire his cock was starting!

And when I am with a man and he starts doing that dirty chat in my ear…I can’t control myself! I get super frisky and start doing all kinds of things just to feel that cock inside my tight cumdumpster fuck holes!

I love giving men lap dances and feeling those cocks start to bulge when I do cartwheels and land my tight ass on their throbbing cum shooting fuck rods!

And nothing feels better then having sweet salty cock spit dripping from my fucked cunt and stretched ass!

How do you think we slip and slide around that pole so easy!


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