Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the best. Just ask my grandsons. They all love my potty mouth and my dirty mind. Last night a tornado rolled through town.  I have a farm with a storm shelter. Me, my grandsons and a few of their friends holed up in it and passed the time with a gang bang. I am a horny sexy granny. You put me in close quarters with all those young boys and I am going to do more than talk dirty. I started with blow jobs. That quickly lead to a granny gang bang. I was bent up against a wall while about 11 boys nailed me from behind. Mother nature was killing it outside while I was getting nailed inside. Those boys had some pent up energy and I was happy to be the recipient of it too. I swear when they were done cumming inside me, I was wetter than the ground outside. They filled my old granny cunt with a gallon of boy cream.

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