Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking WomenMaster says Dirty Talking Women is what the phone sex industry needs. He allows me to work at WBMT because it is a no taboo site. He loves listening to the nasty evil fantasies I play out with these men. Master sits next to me stroking his cock listening to every word I say. He knows I am enjoying myself way too much he sees the way I am thrusting my dildo in and out of my cunt totally getting off to the man on the other end of the phone. When I hang up the phone Master reenacts the scene with me. This one scene I had a few months ago got Master really excited. He hung me upside down hog tying my body. Every time I tried to wiggle I only made the ropes tighter against my flesh. Just like the caller described it Master did it. He took a cattle prod and was zapping my tits and cunt sending my body into convulsions. The ropes were now cutting my flesh they were so freaking tight. The caller wanted to hear me scream and so did Master. Master’s cock was out and it was rock hard I mean the hardest I have ever seen Master. He was loving this scene and so was I. Over the phone was hot but doing it in real time was over the fucking moon. My orgasm made me pass out they were so freaking good. Master lowered the rope so my mouth was level with his dick. He shoved my mouth on his dick and the cattle prod in my ass. “Suck bitch!” I could hear him saying and I did. As I sucked he fucked my ass hard. I lost all bowel movement and made a shitty mess of the cattle prod. And just like the caller Master shoved that cattle prod in my mouth to clean up my shit mess I made. I can’t wait for my next Dirty phone talk to play out in real time.

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