Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the nastiest women around. Trust me. I know a thing or two about nasty women.  I grew up in a trailer park. I left the trailer park, but it never left me. I am a dirty talking mommy and P whore. I love young pussy and dick. The hairless kind is the best. I recently went to a brothel looking for a young one all for me. I found this scared young girl with no tits yet or hair on her pussy. She looked scared. Maybe servicing a woman instead of a man would bring her out of her shell. I assured her I was not going to hurt her. I am a lover not a fighter.  I licked her cunnie for an hour. She tasted like a mix of salty pee and cotton candy. Salty and sweet are a nice combo. She seemed to like me. I was focused on her pleasure. Most men are only focused on tearing up a tight little cunt. Not me. I wanted young pussy. I love my daughters, but they are growing up too fast. My little Lolita whore ate me back. She was eager to eat my pussy and show me what a good whore she is. I am going to buy this girl from the brothel so I can have a young cunt licker at home again. Everything has a price.

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