Dirty Talking Women and BBWs

dirty talking womenDirty talking women like me love to cock tease. I do not care who you are, this sexy BBW will get you hot and bothered. I was in the gym locker room this morning showering before heading home.  I had a few admirers as I was working out today. One dude followed me into the locker room. He snuck his ass right on in. The gym was sparse that early on a weekend during a pandemic. I played dumb. He was not all that handsome. Plus, he was short and that usually means a small dick. I assumed he just needed to get his nuts off like so many other men right now, so I gave him a show to jack off to.

I soaped up my body washing every inch of my sexy BBW body seductively. I love to tease. I caressed my big 44 EEE boobs, making sure my hands lingered on my breasts. I tweaked my nipples. I even lifted my right boob to my mouth for a little nibble. My hand traveled over my curvy hips, until I stopped at my swollen wet bald pussy. I heard him gasp which was followed by an all too familiar slapping sound I hear on phone sex calls many times a day. I acted like I was alone. This horny man thought he was coy, but nothing gets by me.

I sat on the floor of the open shower, spread my legs wide and started to play with my plump pussy. I slipped a few fingers into my pussy, leaned back against the shower wall, and let the water pulsate on my swollen clit. I grabbed my hairbrush and fucked myself with the handle until I came hard. I heard a loud “ahhhh.” I yelled, “Is somebody there,” knowing there was somebody there. I heard the door shut, so I knew he came and went. I felt like I was in a Porky’s movie. The way I see it, I just made some horny man’s day, and I gave myself a hard cum too. Perfect way to start any day.

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