Dirty Talking Women and Dirty Panties

Dirty talking women

One of my girlfriends was throwing a ladies night out party at her house. You know how much a group of dirty talking women love to gettogether. Due to unforeseen circumstances I ended up having to take you with me to the party. My girlfriend put a movie on for you in her upstairs playroom. The girls and I enjoyed our time of drinking wine and talking about our dirty kinky sex lives.

I went upstairs to check on you but you were nowhere to be found. I started looking in the different bedrooms before going into the master bedroom. I decided to check the master bathroom since it was the only room left upstairs that I had not check. As I got closer to the door I could hear you in there. So I slowly and quietly opened the door. I wanted to see what my little boy had been up to. As I peek in I say you wearing a pair of my girlfriends hot pink satin panties.It was obvious by all the clothing thrown on the floor that you had gone through her laundry hamper.

You were not just wearing her dirty panties but you were also masturbating in them as you smelled other pairs of her dirty crusty panties. You were so preoccupied with her panties and stroking your big hard cock that you did not realize Mommy was standing there watching you jack your cock. Just as you started to cum, I ask you what you were doing. You turned red and didn’t know what to say. Mommy told you to clean up and put her dirty panties away. I swear I can’t take you anywhere!

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