Dirty Talking women and sissy boys

dirty talking womenDirty talking women who are p mommies also love little boys sissy sluts! I don’t know if you know it or not but I have a little boy who was wanting to live as a little girl a little transsexual little boy to little girl love, you can say. I absolutely adore turning my son into a little female tranny! See I know that little dick is best bet and life is going to be servicing men with his little pussy and mouth and perhaps even getting a guy or two to suck his lady stick! My submissive boy is always been very feminine and now I dress them as a little girl to go to school and give him a cute little girl name when I can go both ways Mickey! 

Mickey with the little dicky little tranny girl.

I don’t mind if it gets teased at school because frankly I think he needs to be. His teachers got mad at me because I still call him a little boy but let’s be honest he’s a little boy who wants to be a lady but isn’t just there yet still many years of training to go through you know the makeup the clothes the shoes the breast forms all of it! I just adore the fact that my little tranny bitch loves to suck on mommy’s pussy and fluff those cocks before I get fucked. And if the man wants to fuck a little boy in the ass well my little tranny stand in will do just fine. At first I just really wanted another little girl because I know how much minutes were little girls so I started dressing Mickey up and the next thing I knew was they told me to end tape his little dick and start sucking on it and licking it and using him. So of course that’s what I did.

dirty phone talk with a p Mommy about her shemale son in training.

I still remember the first time I put my fingers in this little booty hole and the first time that I came inside of there as well. You know I had to lick it all out and slip it and clean a little tiny ass cavity all out!

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