Dirty Talking Women Are Dirty Mommies

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are all you need in your life. A dirty mouth is the sign of a dirty mind. I am a dirty mommy. I walk around naked in front of my horny boys. I also walk around in see through night gowns and stuff for my sons’ friends. I am the neighborhood tramp. Horny boys come to my house. And trust me they always cum. Yesterday, it was storming. My sons and their friends had been riding bikes outside. The rushed inside for some shelter and right into my bed. I knew how to help those boys burn off some energy. I gave them a sexy show first. I masturbated with one of my pink dildos. I made sure they understood that their young hard cocks would feel so much better inside my pink pussy. My sons showed their friends how it is done. There were 6 boys, three were my sons. They stood in line with cocks in hand for a ride on the MaryAnne train. Oh my gosh their cocks felt so amazing. Young, hard and full of cum for me. Just what I needed too. They did not last long, even my sons who have not been virgins for years. I think it had more to do with the fact that they were sharing their mommy whore with their friends and getting some sloppy seconds. There were 6 lads, so them cumming quickly was no big deal. I still had more boy dick to fuck. Plus, by the time each boy got around for the second time, he was hard again. My pussy was nice and creamy with boy cum when I got me some seconds. Those boys never even minded that their friends’ jizz was on their dicks. They were just so horny that all they could think about was nutting. I would not have it any other way.

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