Dirty Talking Women Are Fun

Dirty Phone TalkDo dirty talking women get your dick hard? You like a nasty little slut? Secretly every guy actually does, they just may not want to admit it. I had been chatting with a real nice guy and it was completely vanilla talk and then we decided to meet for dinner and drinks. Dinner was great and the food was wonderful, but the action started after. We went to the lounge and were having a few drinks in the dimly lit room, seated in the back table, just out of view of the other guests. I started to get a little tipsy and then my whore side came out. I could not help it, I kind of tried but honestly, I was just really horny. So, as we sat drinking, I leaned forward giving him a full view of my massive tits. Noticing he was no longer talking to my face I made my move. I sat up, leaned back in my chair and put my foot between his legs and started rubbing his cock through his pants. He looked startled at first but then as his dick started getting harder, I could tell he liked it. When he was nice and hard, I leaned toward him again and whispered into his ear to follow me to the back room. I grabbed his hand and we walked back, I opened the door and he followed. I locked the door behind us and started removing my dress as I walked towards him. It was so hot baby, and I cannot wait to tell you all about it. So, give me a call and let us have some dirty phone talk.

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