Dirty Talking Women are Mommies

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are mommies. In fact, the best dirty talkers are mommies. Mature women and incest mommies have no limits. The older we get the naughtier we become. I have always been a dirty fuck slut, but when I was a young girl, I was fucking the older ones in my family. Now that I am older, I am fucking the younger ones like my sons. They are hornier for me than my brothers or ex-husband ever were. I am just as horny for them. You see, I know now that young dicks are the stiffest dicks around. Nothing is harder for me. My sons came home from school with chubbies in their pants. I assumed it was because they missed mommy. Eight hours apart from me is hard on them. But that was only part of it. Apparently, there was a hot milf substitute teacher who had all the schoolboys at attention today. I do not get jealous. I know most mommies are not as smart as me. If they were, they would let their sons pump their pussies full of cum like I did today. I stripped naked and my sons followed my lead. We went into my bedroom, and they stockpiled mommy. All three boys worked off some aggression and frustration on my pussy. They pumped me full of cum. That was load two of the day and load three is coming after I finish this blog. My boys are horny devils for their sexy mommy.

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