Dirty Talking Women are Mommies Too!

dirty talking women

Dirty Talking women make your cock swell and your balls ache.  Mommy has always had a mouth on her and after wrestling practice today she asked you how big had that dick grown boy? The way you looked down told me all I needed to know. This mommy got in your face and grabbed your little pecker through your sweaty shorts. “How big has your dick grown?” Still, your face was hung and you pulled away from me. I felt that skinny small dick hard as you tried to get away from me. I smacked your face and told you to answer me. This time that little pecker bucked into my hand. I decided to pull down your shorts and see that hard penis for myself. I chucked and said it was just like when you were little only skinny instead of the plump pink hairless boy cock I had loved back then. Your whole body was pink, flushed and you quivered as I stroked it back and forth. I knew what was wrong. Mommy hadn’t sucked on it enough as a youngster. I knew from the dirty phone talk sessions that men needed mommy to suck that cock all the way until adulthood for it to be man-sized. I took you in my mouth, that small sweaty cock and you pumped mommies face hard until you exploded. I wasn’t done with you yet. I took you and brought you into the shower and scrubbed you down. I guided your face into my wet twat and had you lick me as the water rained down on us. Wet and naked I threw you o the bed and got in top of that small cock and rode you until your semen went in my pussy. I was going to make that cock grow and a man out of you.

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