Dirty Talking Women are P Moms

dirty talking womenThe best dirty talking women are P mommies like me. I may be biased, but I do not think you will find a nastier talking gal than a woman who likes to fuck her sons and her daughters. I like all little ones. The older I get, the stronger my attraction to pretty and hairless young things gets. I have a big brood my husband and I have raised in the family way. All our offspring are good incest whores. I also, teach my sons’ and daughters’ friends how to be dirty whores too. I have this tender age girl who is friends with my youngest daughter I am teaching anatomy. She needs to know how her little pussy works and how to use it to get her things she wants. I used a speculum to crank open my cunt in front of her. I wanted her to see what I look like deep inside. I used my fingers to pry open her tiny pink cunnie. OMG. It was so tight and so pink. I had to eat that little cunt. I was so turned on by it. I slid a finger deep inside and licked her clit. Her tiny body started to quiver and shake. She had her first orgasm thanks to me. I loved tasting her. It was like cotton candy. I am such a dirty mom.

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