Dirty Talking Women Are Sissy Trainers

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are sissy trainers too. I love my online sissy boys. I love my sissy sons more though. I have twin boys. While I was training sissies online, they were playing in my panties. They were discreet, so it took me a year to realize I had sissy boy wannabes. Once I knew what was going on with them, I went into sissy training mode. I dressed them. Frilly dresses with petticoats and bloomers. I did their make-up. I taught them how to cross their legs like a lady. I also taught them how to suck cock. You cannot be a true sissy and not suck dick. I took them to a glory hole for some dick action. I did not want strangers realizing the dick sucker on the other side of the wall was a young schoolboy. That first day, they became cock sucking faggots for life. Once I realized they were natural cock suckers, I started bringing men over for us to share. I wanted to perfect their cock sucking techniques. A good sissy is a great cock sucker. And a great cock sucker is in high demand. My sons never want for cock. Even if one of my lovers does not want to fuck one of my sissy boys, they can still eat the cum from mommy’s cunt and get their jizz fix. If I trained my two sissy boys, I can train you too.

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