Dirty talking women are so much fun

dirty talking womenDirty talking women like me are the best. We get what we want no matter what. It doesn’t matter where we are at; I went to my best friends wedding. I always have babysat her little brother. A few years have passed by, and he is all grown up. My slutty cunt couldn’t resist temptation. I ended up getting fucked in the wedding rehearsal. I wanted his dick deep in me and wanted it to pound me till I got cum shots all over. A bridesmaid dress filled with cum is surely my style. My slutty holes were in slut heaven. I fucked my best friends little brother in the men’s bathroom. I pulled out so much cock from his young cock. I didn’t care that I use to babysit him once upon a time ago. In my eyes, he was a man now. I was going to fuck him till I squirted and till I got all his nut shots on me.

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