Dirty talking women are so nasty

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are so fucking filthy and that is exactly why you are so damn obsessed with me! I love being a super bratty slut. I always get what I want, no questions asked! It turns me on to see how rock hard I make your long cock feel. I love to tease you, and show you how I can work this sexy ass on your lap while I dance on you. It is honestly so funny to watch you squirm. When it comes to me, you can look but you can’t touch… or can you?! Maybe if you’re a good boy and tell me how addicted you are to my sweet cunt then i’ll go ahead and reconsider your hands all over me. Show me how badly you wanna explore every hole on me. Fill me up and make me squirt out cum. I deserve to be dicked down in the kinkiest of ways and you’re gonna be my little boy toy for the day. Dirty phone talk is what I’m fuckin craving and I need your dick in my mouth!

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