Dirty Talking Women Can Be Sexy Switches

dirty talking womenDirty talking women love to suck cock. We love to fuck too. I am a sexy switch. There are many things I like to do. I have never had a real job. I have been in the adult industry since I was 18. I ran away when in high school, ended up hooking until I was the right age to do porn and nude modeling. Found a niche in fetish porn like bondage. Now, I phone bone, escort and I strip. I began my life as a submissive whore for my father and his friends. Now, I am a sexy switch. I am only submissive to men with huge cocks. The rest of the men will submit to me. In the strip club any given night, you find a mix of men. Some have huge cocks and big wallets. Some have small dicks and small wallets. Some have big wallets and small dicks. Obviously, my favorite will always be guys with big cocks and big wallets. Last night in the club I had two best buddies who got the VIP room for us. The problem was one had a big dick and one did not. So, I did what any sexy switch would do. I milked both of their wallets, but only sucked the cock of the guy with the big dick. I made his friend watch. I dosed out some small dick humiliation. The friend had heard it before. He always hopes he will get some trickle down pussy from his friend, but he is no stranger to being benched. I still gave him some lap dances and cock teased him. A sexy woman needs standards, right? Sure, money is nice. I love to milk a man dry in more ways than one. But only the big dicked rich boys get their balls drained by me.

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