Dirty Talking Women Control Weak Men

Dirty talking women

 I look sweet and innocent but that’s is as deceiving as a successful business man down on his knees. Dirty talking women rule the universe and I will have you a sputtering little fool Mr. Big Man. You will submit to me. I will own you by the way I take control. I will remove those restraining man clothes of yours. I will collar you and make you worship me in any way I feel fit for you. It’s my pleasure to remove your responsibilities of being a big man in charge of so much. Let yourself go and take on that opposing desire of yours. You know the desire you fight with daily when you just want to crawl on all fours and serve that young hot employee of yours. That secretary that makes a crap wage. She has a very demure look but once outside of the office she is the very opposite. She is dominating all kinds of men and making them her harem. You are in her sights to become just another stammering fool at her feet. You feel you control so much but in reality it’s a woman’s world. You came out of your mother’s Cunt and you just thrive to be back inside. You wish you could just let go and give all control over to a powerful underachiever like your secretary. The 9-5 thing is purely for the books. Are you ready to enter into your dark side?


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