Dirty Talking Women Do Drugs

Dirty Talking Women

I’m a dirty talking women and I have some really sick fantasies. I love to do a bunch of fucking drugs with my meth addicted lover. He loves when I do a lot of crank and kick the shit out of a little victim we’re robbing. He loves to be my robbery accomplice. I get off on tying up these new little toys and dragging them down the road by the bumper! I like to take them down to the river, and we like to sit on their still alive bodies after we’ve robbed them. We want them to suffer one more minute while we get high as fuck. I make him boil the bowl but he isn’t allowed to burn my shit! This crank, while stolen, is expensive and it makes my leather clad pussy drip down my thighs. Then we take those bodies while I talk so dirty to him and we roll them into the river. We inject them with infested needles, and set them off to sink into the water. They’re gonna sink into the water while they watch us get high as fuck on their meth. This is the druggy Mommy whore life for me!

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