Dirty Talking Women Dominate Men

I will guide you into pure ecstasy the way only Dirty Talking Women can. My domineering ways will make you a weak in the knees little bitch. I want to collar you and make you beg for my pussy.

Can you get into fucking that ass of yours with a dildo or maybe a cucumber for me? I want you to fuck your man pussy and think about my strap-on exploring your insides. I will own your ass and your soul. You will surrender to me because I am beautiful, sexy and in Charge!

I bet you are a powerful professional that gets weak for a domineering young woman. I am that woman. I will dominate you and give you the pleasure you crave. You just sit back and follow my lead. I will make you surrender yourself to that hot secretary of yours.

After hours she is there in her stockings, her heels kicked off. Her blouse unbuttoned and her sexy cami top exposed. This secretary is your weakness. Her panties you once found in a drawer of hers are all you think about. You sneak to her desk and kneel down to sniff her chair. When she slips into her workout clothes for the gym you find her stockings and have to stroke with them.

You see I know and understand all of these things. As do those secretaries that would love to catch you so they can dominate you too.

Dirty Talking Women

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