Dirty Talking Women Dominate Men

You have the right idea about getting dominated by Dirty Talking Women. It’s seriously the best jerk off material to have a woman talk down to you and make you do things. I will make you do dirty things, all kinds of dirty things. You know you are worthless and have a small penis.

The mere fact that you are an inadequately hung male makes you overly dominant outside the bedroom. However once you are in the palms of a sexy woman that can do tons better than you, you become docile. Docile as a little bitch begging to be fucked. You submit to me. In fact I will have you at my knees and ready to eat my ass.

Beg to eat my ass like a good little bitch, I dare you.

You see my beautiful divine pussy and this sweet puckered ass and get hard. I think the ass is making you more hard though. I think you will only be allowed my ass. I will have you fucked in the ass like my latest bitch boi gets. That is fitting for a faggot wannabe like you.

You are a closet cock sucker and I will bring you out. There is very little that will surprise me and if it’s a big black cock tht you crave then I will arrange it as long as you prove yourself to me. That’s right bitch on your knees and suck my strap-on cock and show me you are my bitch.

Dirty Talking Women

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