Dirty Talking Women For Sissies

You want so badly to be included in the dirty talking women sisterhood, don’t you? It’s totally possible, but you have to go through the whole sissy training process to do so! Then just imagine all of the nasty filth that you can talk about with guys. I have no doubt that you’ll be the perfect sissy and they won’t even realize you weren’t born a woman! You’ll be hooking those guys on dating apps left and right! All it will take is calling me and practicing everything – your look, your walk, and obviously, you’ll need to practice your sissy voice.

Just imagine how much fun it’s going to be talking dirty with me! I’ll tell you what to say to get a guy hooked. You’re going to have more dates than you’ll be able to handle! But I guess that’s a pretty good problem to have, huh? And once you start having these sexcapades with guys, you can call me and tell me all about it. I always feel like such a sissy godmother when I hear about my sweet sissies and all the things they’ve been doing. Are you ready to take the next step? I’m waiting for you!

dirty talking women

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