Dirty Talking Women Fuel Perverted Fantasies

Dirty Talking Women are what fuel the kinky desires for little slut holes. I’m a naughty Milf. Naughty Milf’s like me are open minded about these things. I love to make my own girls into naughty little cock teases. Can you imagine the look on my neighbors face the first time he got a glimpse of my little slut being the cock tease she is? He was newly divorced and just moved in a week prior. This was the first sunny day and my little slut wore these short little daisy dukes with her big juicy bubble ass hanging out. She is petite and slim, but that ass is still plump and round like a little girls.

Dirty Talking Women

She is pretty young still and seeing those big tits in that tight little t-shirt made his cock throb. I was standing there talking to him when she came strutting her shit by us. It’s all about Girls talking dirty to start things right. So when my daughter whined to me about something, it was what I said that sealed our friendship. In fact, he was awe struck by the way I handled her.

The best way to make a neighbor is with a dirty slut daughter for his service.

The next time he saw that little brat of mine he was not wasting any time. His cock was out and her slutty talking little mouth was getting the wash out she deserved. That’s right! He was pissing in her little whore mouth just like I suggested he do. The little slut took his piss and sucked the cum from that cock too. He bent her over then and slammed his still hard cock into her juicy back door. When it’s Dirty phone sex anything goes and nothing should be left out in all that trash talk.

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