Dirty Talking Women Get You Off

dirty talking womenYou know how I like to end my night? With some hot ass dirty phone talk with a pervert like you. A guy who is just as naughty and nasty and dirty as me. A guy with a wild imagination and a craving for hot taboo fun. Think you qualify for that love? Do you think you could have such a hot roleplay with me that I won’t be able to keep my hands away from my slick wet bald pussy? I can already tell that you will do just nicely. Looking at my big tits and stroking your cock as you think about putting your big dick between them and letting me glide up and down. Licking the pre-cum from the head as you titty fuck me. Squirting your thick warm load onto my tits and face when you cum. But we aren’t finished yet baby. I want you hard again. Then I want you lay on your back while I climb on top of you and ride you like a freaking horse. Hold my hips and watch as my tits bounce up and down. Bringing me to an incredible orgasm as you fill my cunt up. So, baby what are you waiting for? Dirty talking women are waiting on the other line just for you.

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