dirty talking women have no limits

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women have no limits. Do you want to fuck me silly in the back of your car in broad daylight? Go ahead and do it; I won’t stop you. In fact, I will beg you to do it harder and harder. I want to be your pissy slut, daddy. I want you to ram your cock balls deep inside me and piss all over my face when you feel the urge. Make you your little slut and make me spread my tight ass. Make me beg for your cum, daddy! I want to be your gaped-up slut and party whore all night. I can’t wait till you take control of me, daddy. Show me you own my cunt. Let me twerk for you and show you how perfect my tight ass is so you can ruin it right after. You better give it to me, papi. Don’t hold back and throat fuck me too and choke me out. I want to pass out and make you own me. I am your urinal and fuck slut..

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