Dirty Talking Women Have No Taboos

There isn’t a thing that I find taboo and that should be most Dirty Talking Women. I can’t speak for them but I personally love to be mean and humiliate perverts that lust after me. Hey, think about it, if I am giving you the time of day, even if you pay a pity penance just to have my time, then understand you are far luckier than you deserve. I am a Goddess and a Mistress with a cruel mind. I would rather fuck my pussy with an expensive French Bubbly than to have your pathetic dick in or near me. My pussy is fucking beautiful and so should the cock that gets to enter it. I do enjoy a well endowed and wealthy pervert. They spend enough on me and treat me right, and they get it. Well as long as he isn’t pathetic, and he must fucking eat pussy. Dick doesn’t get me off and so really your special if you get to put it in me. I enjoy a sweet fucking cunt to grind on than cock. I am only going to let you fuck me if you can get me to cum with that mouth of yours, or I take your young girlfriend or wife for my pleasure and we both gang up on you. I love that idea so fucking much. A naughty threesome where your wife and mistress are joining forces and both humiliating you and inviting some big cocks up to the Hotel room. We would fuck them and enjoy making you watch and play fluffer nut sucker. I bet you would be a good creampie eater and cock sucker if we told you to. I know your wife would love to cum for me and she would cum harder than your lame ass man stick could make her. I know that will just keep your head full masturbatory content for months with all that kinky phone sex imagery.

Dirty Talking Women

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