Dirty Talking Women Have Rape Fantasies

dirty talking womenDirty talking women have rape fantasies too. I told this guy I met on Reddit that I had a Phantom of the Opera type rape fantasy. He thought it was hot. He wanted to act it out with me. We are both married, and tired of being cooped up inside. He was able to book us a hotel. It was more like a no tell motel halfway between us both. He paid off the inn keeper to book a room under an approved stay. A booty call is not considered an essential hotel stay lol. Tell that to my pussy. My husband is stressed about finances which makes his dick useless to me. I am hornier than usual because of being on lock down. I needed this booty call. I needed this rape fantasy. I am a dirty nasty freak. I cannot thrive on lock down. I got to the hotel first, or so I thought. I guess he was hiding in the room unbeknownst to me. I took a shower, put on a sexy outfit and he jumped me as I was going into the living room area. He pushed me on the bed. His powerful strong hands around my throat. My pussy was dripping with anticipation. I could feel his strong body behind me as he pinned my arms. I leaned back into him and felt his hard cock. I could feel the mask on his face too. Not a surgical mask, but a Phantom of the Opera mask. I was not sure if that was to fulfill my fantasy or protect himself from the Covid virus. I am a dirty whore. A respiratory virus was the least of his concerns. He pinned me on the bed and fucked my pussy and ass for what felt like eternity. I fought the entire time, but it was only acting. I love being force fucked. It was a dark fantasy, but glad my sexy Phantom could make it happen for me.

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