Dirty Talking Women Holiday

dirty talking womenOn the first day of Christmas Santa brought to me, 2 dirty talking women.
One the second day of Christmas Santa brought to me 2 cum sluts fucking and a whore on her knees sucking me!
One the third day of Christmas Santa brought me.. A dirty nasty hoe under the Christmas tree! This is my tribute and my life as a gangbang whore blessed with a hot little sister who dances with me now. She has been Dancing for a while but I decided to take her up to the big leagues.
The Christmas Clientele that needs a couple of blonde bimbos for Holiday fucking. The bosses throw these Raunchy Dirty parties at the offices downtown that the wives and Partners Know nothing about. My Favorite Is A Big Corporate America Place that has a few a Gay Guys in the Upper Management. In this case a …

🎶a couple dicks were brought to me under Santas Big Fat North pole as He drilled my hole..
applies to men and women! 🎶

These parties are the coveted Event of the season. I know now that all these Legal Mumbo Jumbo terms they throw to their spouses are fucking trash Just like me! Men are fucking dirty dogs who like to raw dog a Dirty phone talk whore and her little sister. I thought she was the youngest I had ever seen at one of these parties but I was wrong. Teen sluts fucking for Holiday dough and dope are up in the high rise buildings getting that Business man cock fuck! Now, These are secret parties that Some of us are lucky to attend and we all know to keep our mouths shut or we will end up in the gutter! Don’t miss out on a hooker phone sex dirty whores stories. Come and cum see me! Mums the word!

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