Dirty Talking Women Kelly

Dirty talking womenYou know that out of all the dirty talking women, I am the best for you! I love it when I can call daddy over to use me up! His young and small girl likes to take a big cock! Now, daddy, you have always known how to treat my cunt right! You rub my clit and curl your fingers in all the right places. You make sure your dick is nice and wet before fucking me! I had so much fun on our date, you already know that you’re getting my body when we arrive home! I show you around my home and get to my bedroom last! Once we’re in my room, I feel your hands push me against the wall and your lips against mine feel soft as your cock grows hard. I grab your cock through your pants and start to massage as your hands find my tits. I moan into your mouth once your fingers find my nipples and grind my hips against yours! My moans are begging you for more, I need more baby! You pull me up, my legs wrapped around your waist, and carry me to my bed. You undress my small body and admire me as you worship me. You tell me how pretty I am and how bad you want me! So then take me! You move me fast onto my hands and knees to look and touch and play with my cunt. You finger me, rub my clit and make me cum onto your fingers first so that I squirt when you fuck me! You take out your daddy dick that looks like it won’t fit into a little petite girl like me but you promise that it will. Now daddy, what are you going to do to my body next?

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