Dirty Talking Women Know How to Party

dirty talking womenDirty talking women know how to party. This new year is going to be epic for me. I say that every year and every year it is epic. I party more. I get fucked more. I swallow more cum. A virus is not stopping this trashy milf from having a good time. I love to fuck. I have been a slut since I was a teen girl. It is in my DNA. My mother was a hooker. I grew up watching her fuck all sorts of married men in our trailer. She was married, but my father was a dick. He was a trucker and gone a lot. Never left us enough money to survive when he was gone, so my mother got creative. She started fucking black men. This was the 70s and in the south. It was still dangerous. My father was a horrible racist too. He would have killed us both if he ever found out we were both black cock whores. My parents are gone now, but my mom gave me my core values. She taught me to party with cocaine. She taught me to love big black cocks. And she taught me to always swallow. Now here I am 40 years later. I am a trailer trash whore who loves to party, fuck and take care of big black cocks.

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