Dirty Talking Women Like Me Have No Limits

I know that you have probably talked to many dirty talking women in your day, but if you haven’t talked to me, then you are really missing out. I get told by guys all of the time that I’m dirtier than anyone they’ve ever talked to. Hell, I have even introduced some really nasty stuff to guys and caused them to get addicted to me. Do you have an addictive personality? Well, then you might end up just like they did. But having me in your head all day, every day isn’t a bad thing. It just means you have good taste.

Maybe you already know you’re nasty and you have a topic of masturbation (hey, we’ll be doing more than having a conversation) in mind. You’ve been told by so many girls that you are edgy and taboo. But I bet they were quite a bit more innocent than me. You’ve met your match with me and I promise this slut is never going to tell you no when you tell me what makes your cock hard. I’ll be the one encouraging you to go further and test your limits. I’m ready and waiting for you, baby. Let’s do this!

dirty talking women

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