Dirty talking women love dares

cdirty talking womenDirty talking women can get in hot water. I boasted about how I could do it all and had no shame in my game. I mean, it was true. I have no filter and will do it all; I don’t mind. I like being used and fucked and doing naughty things. My cunt gets nice and wet thinking about all the nasty things I love. I enjoy being fucked and rammed the most. Whenever I fuck guys I am not supposed to it makes me climax harder. I was dared to hook up with my sister’s new boyfriend. I have always wanted his dick. Plus my sister is an uber bitch, and she thinks her shit doesn’t stink. It was the perfect timing. It was a family party, and my cousin dared me. She didn’t just dare shed double dared. I got the fucker right where I wanted him. I told him I wanted to show him something in the car. I did, I was going to show him my hot naked body. I knew he wasn’t going to resist. I giggled, and I went for the kill.

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