Dirty Talking Women Love Dirty Mommy Roleplays

dirty talking womenDo you like dirty talking women who love to roleplay? I enjoy sexy little role plays. I think a hot and nasty role play lets us explore our taboo thoughts. The best phone sex calls are interactive and creative. Sure, I can moan and groan for you like a dirty porn star while you jack your cock, but where is the fun in that? If you just want to hear a sexy woman moan, you can watch porn, right?  Last night, I did a hot role play that made my pussy drip. My caller was getting into the Halloween spirit early. He is a horror movie buff. So am I. He just saw this supernatural movie about a Ouija board. He got turned thinking of a sexy succubus possessing his mother after using a Ouija board. Suddenly, his straight-laced mom was a horny boy cock whore seducing him. As his mom, I came into his bedroom wearing a Frederick’s of Hollywood red teddy. I pulled his cock out of his boxers and woke him up sucking it. He was shocked to see his church loving, Bible thumping mommy in something so risqué chugging his dick.  I fucked him until I had drained all the cum out of him. I had so much fun pretending I was a cum draining demon. It was not hard to imagine myself as a dirty mommy who loves boy cock and boy batter. That is art imitating life! As his succubus mother, I slithered into his bed while he slept. I forced myself on his cock. And like a demon, I fucked his brains out. Left him drained and exhausted. I am a cum whore mommy, so it was a hot and highly creative role play for me. Whatever fantasy gets you to fuck your mommy, or anyone you lust after, is perfect with me.

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