Dirty Talking Women Love Dirty Pervs

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women love nasty dirty pervs. I love when I am out and I see nasty perverts staring at my slutty brats. They make sure to wear slutty revealing clothes and they never wear panties and if they have skirts or dresses on, they all bend over whenever they want to show off those tight cunt lips. I had one pervert walk up to me and ask me if he could take my littlest slut brat to the bathroom. I told him for five hundred he could take her to the bathroom any time. He handed me the money and off they went. I snuck into the bathroom after 5 minutes and peeked through the stall. I saw her sitting on his lap as he slid his big perv cock into her tight young cunt. He had his hand over her mouth so she didn’t make a sound as he kept pounding her until he let out a moan and I knew he was filling her little cunt up with his gooey nut. I walked away and 2 minutes later she came out looking all used up, what a beautiful sight.  

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