Dirty talking women love Incest

Dirty talking women


My brothers tell me all the time how lucky they are to have such a sexy little sister like me! None of the other boys that they know have sisters who let them fuck all of their tight little holes. But I love being a nasty little slut for my big brothers though. When mommy and daddy are out on a date night, me and the boys like to have some fun. We all get into bed and the three of them take turns fucking each and every one of my holes. They alternate from jamming their big hard cocks into my mouth and fucking my throat, to mounting me and fucking my ass and pussy. My favorite way to get fucked by all my brothers though is to have one of their cocks in each of my holes so that I’m air tight. One in my mouth, pussy, and ass. It makes me feel so hot and naughty knowing I’m being triple fucked by my three big brothers. And they just can’t get enough of fucking their little sis and using her like a cum dumpster. They know I just can’t say no to them when I see them and their big hard cocks. I’m such a slutty little sister!

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