Dirty Talking Women Paradise

dirty talking women

You’re extraordinarily lucky that it’s easy to find dirty talking women like me on the internet! I’m sure there was a time when you wouldn’t be able to find a quality phone fuck like me. But I really should warn you that I’m very addictive. You’re going to want to talk to me all the time, and that’s going to get expensive for you. I’m worth it, though, and I just know that you’ll find a way to afford me. I hope your family doesn’t expect presents this year for the holiday season because you’re going to be spending all your money on me.

See, I know you’ll do it because you’re not going to find anyone as willing as me to talk about the things you desire. Not many women are going to talk about the nasty things that turn you on. You know, those taboo subjects that would make your wife’s eyes roll right out of her head – that’s what you’ll be paying me dearly for. So, if you’re ready for a new addiction, then this is the paradise for you. I’ll be waiting to take you to the depths of ecstasy like you’ve never known before.

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