Dirty Talking Women Sweetly Mean Mommy

dirty talking women

It has been brought to my dirty talking women attention some of you do not know what a sweetly mean mommy is. . Let me clarify a few things that make my milf pussy squirt for you. Mommys such as are can be dominant and a little cruel at times to naughty boys. See some men grow up but those dicks stay small and that’s where a true mommy whore who loves little boys comes in. Pardon the pun… But I will make you cum. I will tell you how little it is. That that little boy cock is perfect and so small. You will never have a girlfriend because it so little bitty! You have a small dick, so you are stuck with Mommy carmen caring for it in the best way she knows possible. I giggle, but I am stroking it and giving you these milky mommy tits to suckle as I play with your hair. I ask you to get all dolled up for me. Its more than just a dirty phone talk session for me. Its my calling. To have a man with a little dick, or a man with a big dick that needs to be mommies baby, cum for me in the middle of the night when no one is around. There is nothing wrong with wanting to fuck mommy. Most of my callers have been molested and/ or fucked by mommy and daddy both. I make no judgements here in Carmen’s House of perverted mommy pleasure. But if you are a naughty boy, you are going to be paddling that ass and squealing like a little piggy for mommy. Its how I get my reward for training you to serve mommy. I offer the mommy experience any way you need to cum. You want to crawl up here with mommy and her big dicked boyfriend and have some bisexual fun? You need my daughters sweet little pussy? Done! Just for you!

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