Dirty Talking Women Who Feminize

Once you’ve been feminized on the outside, you will need to have the same done on the inside. You need one of the best dirty talking women in existence to help you transform your mind. Sure, bring a wet hole for a man to fuck is part of what you’ll need to do.  But they almost always want to hear some kind of filth coming out of your whore mouth while they pound the shit out of your pussy. Tell them how good their cock feels as it stretches you out. Tell them how you want to feel their dick shoot a hot load deep inside you.  Maybe you can even watch it drip out of you later. 

But maybe you’d rather have him lie back while you tell him all of the ways you’re going to seduce him. Tell him how you would wrap your mouth around his monster cock and start sucking it and playing with his balls. Tell him how he can sit on your face while you tongue his asshole. There are so many things you can say and do to a man and I’m ready to help you figure it all out, so give me a call.

dirty talking women

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