Dirty Talking Women Who Like It Rough

dirty talking women

Do you like dirty talking women who like it rough? You see, I get in these moods sometimes where I need some real aggression. Preferably from a man who won’t hold back. I like to be demeaned, degraded and completely abused. I know exactly what a worthless fat sloppy cum bucket I am, but the question is, do you? I understand what my holes are for and I am always happiest when they are used and abused just as they should be. A cock crazed pig like me absolutely has a physical need to be fucked and abused.
If you have a sick mind like me at all, you’ll have me gagging and slurping the cum right from your fat cock in no time. I am extremely thorough in my sexual endeavors and phone sex is no exception. I have a nice collection of whore toys that I fully intend on using for our rough phone sex. My fat juicy pussy is dripping and waiting. Remember, the rougher the better. I like to feel absolutely and utterly used up by the time you’re done abusing my curvaceous slutty body.

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