Dirty Talking Women Who Love BBC

lot lizard sexDirty talking women are so much fun! I am an old party whore. I never say no to a good time. I was down at the truck stop last night looking for some coke. I found coke with strings attached. I always expect that there will be strings attached. I am not looking to spend cash on my party supplies; not if I can trade coke for pussy and ass! Most men will give me coke if I fuck them. Last night, I was given more coke than ever before, but I had to entertain many guys. Black men, but that is never a problem for me. I love big black dicks. There I was in the back of a truck cab, getting loads of cum from big black dicks while I did lines of coke off a mirror. I have always been a fan of big black cocks. Those monster cocks fill me up and stretch me out in a way white cock can’t. I had a black cock gang bang in the back of a truck in a gas station parking lot for coke. Just another day in the life of a trailer trash whore.

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