Dirty Talking Women Who Love Being Pounded

dirty talking women

I pride myself on being one of the hottest dirty talking women around. As I’ve said before, I love a man who will pound my tight cunt without worrying about whether or not he is being too rough. I want you to slam my pussy and shoot your sticky load deep inside me. And it’s not just my pussy that you can treat that way. Slide that big cock as deep as you can get it in my asshole and then pound it. I want you to leave it gaping. I love looking behind me in the mirror and seeing my asshole wide open.

How about my throat, lover? Are you going to shove your dick down my throat and try to choke me on it? You can try, but I can take a pretty big cock. But I have no doubt that you can make me gag and make the tears run down my cheeks. When you call me, I’d be happy to tell you all of the nasty things you can do to me and the ones I’d love to do to you. If you’re in the mood for something filthy, I’m here and waiting to talk dirty to you.

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