Dirty Talking Women Who Submit

Dirty Talking Women
Your cravings for dirty talking women don’t end at their ability to produce some sexy audio for you to jack off to, no. You crave a deeper meaning than just pointless sexy phone talking. You’re a Dominant man who desires a bitch that knows how to obey every whim that your mind or your cock has. You want a slut who’s not in a position to say no. I’m that little pain whore.

I’ll do anything to please, including taking the strictest instructions from you, Sir. I’ll strip, bend over, yes Sir. I am freshly waxed. always Sir! A good slut must always be ready to be the playground of her Master, and tonight, you own me Sir. My goal is to make you cum in as many ways as it pleases you, or to give you exactly what you want. You want my eternal submission? I’ll lower my head for my collar, Sir.

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